2012 Podcasts

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Week 3 - July 8 - July 14


Peter Beinart, Topic: Why Barrack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu don't get along.

Beinart July 10 MP3 (27.3 MB)

See Mr. Beinart's biography





Week 4 - July 15 - July 21

Rabbi Roger Klein, Topic: Biblical Women: Scripture’s Revolutionary Counter-Narrative.

Klein July 17 MP3 (28.4 MB)

Rabbi Roger Klein, Topic: Jewish Humor: Why We Laugh.

Klein July 16 MP3 (34 MB)

See Rabbi Klein's biography



Week 4 - July 15 - July 21


Lynda A. Bender,  Topic:  A Blessing to One Another: Pope John Paul II and the Jewish People.

Bender July 19 MP3 (21.3 MB)

See Lynda Bender's biography at the Maltz Museum website.






Week 6 - July 29 - August 4

Dr. Morris Vogel, Topic: Changing Views from New York’s Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

Vogel July 31 MP3 (23.2 MB)

Dr. Morris Vogel, Topic: American Identity and Citizenship.

Vogel July 30 MP3 (429 MB)

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Week 9 - August 19 - August 25


Dr. Michael Berenbaum, Topic:Controversies Memorializing the Holocaust.

Berenbaum Aug 20 MP3 (36.5 MB)

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