2011 Podcasts

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Some PODCASTS sufferred from technical recording issues and others did not have speaker release authorization.  Please let us know your comments on our limited PODCASTS from this past summer. 

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Week 1 - June 25 - July 2

Dr. Daniel Kotzin, Topic: “Washington and American Jews”

Kotzin July 2 MP3 (27 MB)

Dr. Daniel Kotzin, Topic: “Jews in Colonial America and Revolutionary America”

Kotzin June 29 MP3 (32.3 MB)

See Dr. Kotzin's biography






Week 3 - July 10 - July 16

Ms. Felice Gaer,
Topic: "Religious Intolerance Worldwide"

Gaer July 15 MP3 (27.5 MB)

See Ms. Felice Gaer's biography


Week 4 - July 17 - July 23

Readings by Janice Eidus.

Writers July 20 MP3 (32 MB)

Readings by Jacqueline Osherow

Writers July 19 MP3 (28.3 MB)



Panel discussion with all writers, Everett Jewish Life Center.

Writers July 21 MP3 (28.1 MB)


Week 5 - July 24 - July 30

Facilitated discussion for the play presentation: “Both Sides of the Family”

Both Sides of the Family July 25 (29.9 MB)

Nadine Epstein and Panel, Topic: “The Other Rosenbergs”

The Other Rosenbergs July 27 (24.1 MB)

See Nadine Epstein's biography


Week 8 - August 14 - August 20

Dr. Suleiman Osman, Topic: “Inventing Brownstone Brooklyn: Gentrification and the Search for Authenticity in Brooklyn"

Osman August 20 MP3 (24.3 MB)

See Dr. Osman's biography